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Born from the Caisse Centrale de la France LibreThe free France Central Fund (created in London in 1941 by General de Gaulle), the French Development Agency (AFD), a public establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Overseas, was entrusted with a mission of general interest: the funding of development.  

For more than sixty years, AFD has contributed to the economic and social development of many foreign countries and to the promotion of the Overseas Territories. A public institution and specialized financial institution, the Agency is notably the pivotal operator of the French public development aid system. 

It operates in more than eighty developing countries and in all of the French overseas local authorities. AFD contributes to the funding of economic and social projects, through diversified financial instruments, which range from grants to loans on market terms. Its areas of intervention cover productive public and private projects, infrastructure, education and health. Finally, the Agency is developing financial and intellectual partnerships with other donors.  

In Congo, within the framework of infrastructures, AFD finances the following projects: 

  • Rainwater drainage

    Funded by the French Development Agency, as part of CD2, a debt reduction and development contract between this financial institution and the Republic of Congo, the project concerns the cities of Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville. It is, in fact, the development and sanitization of targeted and priority natural collectors in these two cities of the country.

  • Brazzaville’s Corniche Sud

    Going from Case De Gaulle to Pont du Djoué, this 5km, 200 m long section is also part of the Debt Reduction and Development contract between France and Congo. The project integrates the development of the Bacongo and Makélékélé districts.

Since 2010, AFD has granted more than 300 billion FCFA to the Republic of Congo. 

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