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COIDIC and the Congolese government mark an important step in the start of the Pointe-Noire special economic zone

25 March 2019

Ministers Jean Jacques Bouya of Development, territorial equipment and public works, Gilbert Mokoki of special economic zones and the chairman of the board of directors of China Overseas Infrastructure Development and Investment Corporation, Zhou Chao, initialed, This March 25, 2019, a memorandum of cooperation agreement for the supply of gas in the Pointe-Noire special economic zone.

This signing of a protocol agreement is a logical continuation of that which took place with the ministry of finance and budget as well as the ministry of hydrocarbons.

China Overseas Infrastructure Development and Investment Corporation Ltd (COIDIC) works towards the completion of the project for the construction of the Pointe-Noire special economic zone, from conception to commercial operation, including realization feasibility studies and mobilization of funding

After having spent two years on feasibility studies, the Congolese and Chinese parties intend to endow this special economic zone with perennial energy, in order to contribute to the good progress of works related to this project and its development.

The chairman of the COIDIC board of directors said he was honored to have signed this agreement with the Congolese government. “This allows us to attract industries for the special economic zone. It is true that we have had to make a lot of progress on this project, but much remains to be done. We will then have discussions with the government on the way forward. Three aspects shall determine the next steps, notably the environmental impact, the creation of a mixed capital company for the development of the SEZ and its related projects. The development of the special economic zone is very complex. Considering the collaboration between the two parties, we hope that this project will be tested with great success” said the head of the delegation Zhou Chao.  

Very optimistic about the progress of this project, the Minister of Special Economic Zones believes the signing of the protocol agreement between the Republic of Congo is an important step in starting the development work of the Pointe-Noire Special Economic Zone. “It's more or less concrete. This attests of the glimmer that comes with the rising of the sun. The signal shall be given when we finish with the expropriations and this will not be long”, said Minister Gilbert Mokoki.   

Responding to questions from journalists, the Minister of Development, Territorial Equipment and Public Works expressed the will of the President of the Republic “to see the development project of the Point Noire Special Economic Zone materialize through the liberation and servicing of this space. The signing today of this memorandum of understanding is a crucial step in achieving this objective and providing suitable conditions for its development. It is not only domestic gas, but gas which will contribute to industrial needs and the country has reserves to accomplish this task”, said the Minister of Development, Territorial Equipment and Public Works, Jean Jacques Bouya.  

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