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Extension and rehabilitation of National Road Number 2 (RN2) : Road users will soon forget their plight

01 February 2020

The Minister of Development, Territorial Equipment and Public Works Jean Jacques BOUYA on February 1, 2020, visited the national road N° 2 where extension and rehabilitation works are carried out on its Djiri-Ingah segment.

Executed by China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), the work is divided into three phases, namely the treatment sloughs and cleaning of the ramp connecting the RN2 to the second exit north of Brazzaville, right up to Kintélé and bringing it up to standard, treating and cleaning the slough crossing the one thousand houses in Kintélé on the RN2 and from Massa to Ingah.

The Djiri-Ingah segment is the most degraded on national road No. 2. Nineteen (19) sloughs, three (3) of which are more critical, are to be treated in the Massa- Ingah segment, over close to 34km. 12km have already been completed with large sloughs, including those of Massa, the crossing of Nkouo and between the villages of Nkouo and Dieulevert. A total of 20 km is to be rehabilitated immediately in order to enable road users drive in comfort and safety between the villages of Massa and Ingah. This makes the work very difficult during this rainy season.

Driving on the RN2, in some places, is a nightmare considering the state of advanced degradation of this part of the road riddled with potholes, gutters, and erosion points. The potholes observed in the past widened over time and became gutters due to rainfall and the uncivil behavior of the population.

“The main road linking Brazzaville to the northern part of the country, the national road N ° 2 is in a critical state. The rehabilitation works undertaken on the Djiri-Ingah segment are proceeding smoothly. Work is ongoing, despite a slowdown mainly due to the funding of the project. The government has made an effort for the company to resume work” hinted Minister Jean Jacques Bouya. 

Due to financial difficulties, the government has decided to rehabilitate and extend the national road No.2, the Brazzaville-Owando ridge, more than 500 km per module, the first of which covers Djiri-Ingah, 86 km long.  The goal here is to permanently restore this stretch in order to facilitate the movement of people and goods.

“The government will ensure that work continues to cover all the sloughs. Effort will be made during the dry season so that this most critical part is fully recovered. After this we shall embark on the Etsouali -Ngo stretch” explained the Minister of Territorial Development Jean Jacques Bouya. 

With regard to the characteristics of the roadway, the right- of- way is 11 meters, the width of 9 meters and its structure rests on a 0.30-meter thick foundation layer of yellow silty sand; a 0.20-meter thick base layer of crushed materials such as TVC 0 / 31.5; a 0.12-meter thick reinforcing layer of tarred gravel 0/14; a 0.05-meter surface course of tarred concrete. On the areas of the large sloughs causing the derailment of trucks, especially during this rainy season, the base is treated as follows: the embankment in rocky materials with diameters varying between 0 and 80 cm and filling of holes by the crushed sand.    

To avoid the interruption of traffic, the company proceeded to the treatment of erosions and related sloughs. These are erosion are at Biocaire and Chatelet bleu; the Lifoula1 in PK14 and Lifoula 2 in PK18, and the sloughs at Oyonfoula, Léfini and Etsouali.

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