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Public infrastructure works in Congo arouse admiration from neighboring countries

06 January 2020

While on a working visit to Brazzaville, the Central African Minister Delegate for public works and strategic investments, Pascal Bida KOYA GBELE, in the company of Ministers Jean Jacques BOUYA, of development, territorial equipment and public works and Nicéphore Antoine Thomas FILA SAINT EUDES , of Technical and Professional Education, Vocational Training and Employment , visited this January 6, 2020, the Kintélé training center , the shopping center (Brazza M all), the Museum of African art and the twin towers of Mpila, passing through the Bon Bœuf sales point.

The Minister Delegate, Pascal Bida KOYA GBELE, who was very impressed with the structure of works carried out and their strategic importance in urban areas, had come to tap from Congo’s experience in this domain.

Fruit of the donation agreement of the China state construction engineering and corporation in Congo signed in September 2018 between Minister Jean Jacques BOUYA and the CEO of this company, in Beijing, during the state visit of President Denis SASSOU N'GUESSO to China, the Kintélé vocational training center is 65% completed.

Built on an area of ​​5000m ², the Kintélé professional training center comprises nine (9) buildings including a Ground Floor + 1 block housing ten classrooms of 216 students, two workshops, two buildings serving as accommodation for teaching staff, the refectory, an amphitheater, a space for sports and games and the rest of the buildings for boarding students.

Begun in August 2019, the work on this training center will end in June of the current year.

The first module of Brazza Mall will be open to the public shortly. The work is currently in the finishing stages before moving on to equipment proper. It should be recalled that the super structure is almost completed and the project is carried out in two phases.   

Opposite the Brazza Mall is the African Art Museum. The pending equipment of this building offer a good memory to the people, retracing in chronological order the landmarks and high points of the history of Congo.

The Central African Minister delegate for public works and strategic investments completed the site visit with the twin towers of Mpila. Launched on 1 July 2015, the execution works of the construction project of the twin towers is progressing normally. The structural work is fully completed including the technical building. The second work is completed at 25%. This delay is due to technical reasons related funding and follow-up. The provisional timeline for delivering the work is September 2021.

Before going to the site of the twin towers, the minister delegate, Pascal Bida KOYA GBELE made a stop at the Bon Bœuf sales point. Pleasantly surprised, the host Minister Jean Jacques BOUYA did not hesitate to shop here and believes it is an example to emulate.

“I am happy and pleasantly surprised to see these quality products made in Congo. It is the materialization of the vision of President Denis SASSOU N'GUESSO. It is a dream of the African Union to produce cheese and milk. I salute the determination of Minister Jean Jacques BOUYA in executing public works. We Central Africans have no more need to go to Dubai, Morocco or in South Africa for shopping. We will come to Brazzaville. A big commercial center is built there. I find myself in the vision of President Denis SASSOU N'GUESSO. President TOUADERA is also inspired by the vision of his elder brother. It is an example for Africa to emulate”, he underscored.

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