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newspic 03/06/2020

The Sembé- Souanké -Ntam road opens to traffic

The 143 km long Sembé- Souanké -Ntam was launched on 6 March 2020 by the President of the Republic, Denis SASSOU N'GUESSO at Souanké in the Sangha department.


European Investment Bank works on strengthening cooperation with Congolese government

Led by the ambassador of the European Union to Congo, Raul Paula MATEUS, the delegation of the European Investment Bank, on February 3, 2020, during a working visit to Brazzaville, had a meeting with the Minister of Development, Territorial Equipment and Public Works, Jean Jacques BOUYA.


Extension and rehabilitation of National Road Number 2 (RN2) : Road users will soon forget their plight

The Minister of Development, Territorial Equipment and Public Works Jean Jacques BOUYA on February 1, 2020, visited the national road N° 2 where extension and rehabilitation works are carried out on its Djiri-Ingah segment.


The collapse of La Corniche’s sidewalk : Chinese experts present results of the investigation

On a working mission to Brazzaville, after the collapse of one side of the sidewalk on the River Congo side of the ledge, Chinese experts, on January 20, 2020, in the conference room of the Ministry of Development, territorial equipment and public works, presented the findings of investigations and analyses of the cause of this catastrophe.


Public infrastructure works in Congo arouse admiration from neighboring countries

While on a working visit to Brazzaville, the Central African Minister Delegate for public works and strategic investments, Pascal Bida KOYA GBELE, in the company of Ministers Jean Jacques BOUYA, of development, territorial equipment and public works and Nicéphore Antoine Thomas FILA SAINT EUDES , of Technical and Professional Education, Vocational Training and Employment , visited this January 6, 2020, the Kintélé training center , the shopping center (Brazza M all), the Museum of African art and the twin towers of Mpila, passing through the Bon Bœuf sales point.

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