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Public Procurement Unit

Magloire Raphael LENTAMA

Head of the Public Procurement Unit


The public procurement unit shall be governed by specific texts.


The public procurement management unit shall be responsible for the conduct of the entire procurement procedure and public service delegations.

As such, it shall have the responsibility to:

  • Plan public procurement and public service delegations;
  • Develop, in collaboration with the services responsible for studies, planning and budgetary management, an annual plan for the award of public contracts and communicate it to the ministries involved in the public expenditure chain;
  • Ensure the reservation of credit s and funds for public contract or the delegation of public service envisaged with the services involved in the chain of public expenditure;
  • Determine the procedure and the type of contract to be concluded;
  • Develop the tender and consultation file, as well as the technical specifications in collaboration with the competent technical services, in accordance with standard regulations in force;
  • Launch competitive bidding;
  • Receive, archive, evaluate and classify bids;
  • Draft and endorse contracts;
  • Participate in the reception of works, supplies and services relating to said contracts;
  • Maintain the public procurement monitoring register and public service delegations;
  • Draft reports on the award for the contracting authority or the delegated contracting authority and transmit them to the directorate general of public procurement control and the public procurement regulatory authority.


The public procurement management unit is placed under the authority of the person responsible for public procurement and shall comprise:

  • The procurement unit;
  • The analysis subcommittee.

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