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Directorate of Studies and Planning

Firmin DJA

Director of Studies and Planning



In accordance with decree n ° 2009-233 of August 14, 2009, fixing the reorganization of the studies and planning department within the ministries, the studies and planning department shall have the responsibility to:

  • Develop strategies for the sector, the priority action plan for the medium-term expenditure framework;
  • Ensure the consistency of the strategy, action plan and implementation across projects;
  • Conduct any economic and financial study on the preparation of projects;
  • Carry out all the work on the preparation of projects and programs;
  • Monitor, control and evaluate the projects of the ministry;
  • Carry out all the work of analyzing and interpreting the ministry's statistics;
  • Participate in the supervision of the management of public contracts of the ministry;
  • Carry out or have carried out all the studies or inquiries necessary to improve the quality of public service;
  • Coordinate and monitor all the ministry's plans and programs.


The directorate of studies and planning, in addition to the secretariat shall comprise:

  • The studies department;
  • The statistics service;
  • The planning department.

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