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Word from the Minister

A paradigm shift

Jean Jacques BOUYA

Minister of Development, Territorial Equipment and Public Works


Always on the move with a broad vocation and in a determining dose for the development of the nation, strengthened by orientations amplified by the new field of action of the ministry, we have strong reason to believe that these passing days and this flowing time, we have made it possible to move forward on innovative tasks proportional to our responsibilities. With the launching last season of other infrastructure projects, this effort helps to gradually remove bottlenecks in the domains of transport, sources of energy production, the digital domain, administrative buildings in particular, as well as many other related domains across the country.

It is in all this and in all weathers, that the leisure to participate in the planning and the equipment of the nation following the new orientations of the President of the Republic, through a paradigm shift and in all efficiency, gradually demonstrates an added and inclusive value.

In this period that is crucial, extreme difficulties should be transformed into undeniable opportunities. At a time when public action is framed by structural adjustment, our priority is to identify new opportunities that will check the uncertainties in such a manner as to achieve desired efficiency through deployment actions.

Indeed, in the face of the alarming erosion of capital, the equipment of our nation is like a puzzle that has to be solved with the use of new paradigms through mobility and a mobilization of other receivables available worldwide. It is a path to consolidate, a move towards development.

Though legitimate, being satisfied with our infrastructural achievements should not take away our focus from the need to do more. We need to willingly project ourselves into the future by giving ourselves the means, to transform distress into opportunity.

Thus, the tested and proven facts, since the infrastructure exists, combined with relevant and inalienable commitments, His Excellency Denis Sassou N'GUESSO, shall assert to posterity that this man of concrete action has always acted for the future. Investing today means opening up future paths for posterity. Investing in infrastructure is a reassuring path both for now and for the future.

Within the limitations drawn by the transversality of our department and to be resolved to continue while blending ingenuity with diversity, the action plan for 2018 could be crystalized into seven (7) verbs:

  • extend the achievements of bilateral and multilateral cooperation to the various forms of partnership;
  • multiply sectoral strategies for diversification of the economy by building the incentive infrastructures of the Pointe-Noire Special Economic Zone, supported by a mineral port;
  • Begin work at the government City in a drive bringing together the Kintélé International Conference Centre, the Mall and the twin towers of Mpila;
  • highlight the construction work of the Denis Sassou N'GUESSO University in Kintélé, with the aim of delivering a first module in this regional university institution;
  • proceed with the accelerated municipalization of the departments of Pointe-Noire, Kouilou and Likouala, and to pursue the same drive with other departments;
  • continue the rehabilitation and upgrading of certain roads of national and regional interest;
  • amplify the extension of the framework law on regional development in order to maximize the rational occupation of national territorial space.

In this particular case, where skepticism seems to prevail over hope, where people fear the discontinuance of public investments, all preeminent intentions will serve to reassure and perpetuate the constancy of the dynamics of equipping the nation undertaken within the last two seven-year terms.

Since it is true that the development of infrastructure tells of the vitality of economic activity and predisposes to economic growth (with the latter being the main cause of underdevelopment), it will be sufficient to scrutinize effects of the economic dynamics resulting from the strides we have made in order to evaluate their invaluable impact. In other words, an optimization of these vectors which underlie the diversification towards which our economy tends, is undoubtedly a creator of perennial wealth, likely to improve our well-being. That is our objective.

We have to remember that as we go through these times conducive for effort, each time when we cannot understand a mystery, we should know that life is only good when we are happy; but it is even better when others are happy because of us.

To crown it all, nothing in life lives for itself: rivers do not drink their waters; trees do not eat their fruits; flowers do not spread their scents on themselves.

Let us get to work because that alone is what will give us freedom.

Jean Jacques BOUYA

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