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Antoine GOMA

General Director of regional planning and prospective


In conformity with provisions of decree n ° 2013-183 dated 10 May 2013, on the duties and organization of the directorate general of regional planning and prospection, the latter shall perform specific missions.


The directorate general of regional planning and prospection is the technical body which assists the Minister in the discharge of his duties in matters of regional planning. It shall have the responsibility to :

  • draw up the national plan as well as the sectoral land-use plans, lead their implementation and make necessary adjustments;
  • define and conduct the policy of revitalizing village and local economies;
  • ensuring the balanced development of the national territory;
  • implementing policies and measures promoting the emergence of regional economies;
  • participate in the development and equipment of urban settings;
  • contribute to the definition and execution of decentralization policies;
  • maintain cooperation ties with national, regional and international bodies specializing in the area of its competence;
  • identify and execute local development projects;
  • contribute to the definition of the land allocation policy;
  • contribute to the drawing of the national map and building a database on the national territory;
  • designing and enforcing state-department contract plans;
  • develop, in concert with the contracting authority, the procurement programs;
  • organize and proceed to the call for competition with candidates for public contracts or public service delegations;
  • examine and evaluate the offers on the execution of public contracts to public service delegations;
  • assess, financially and technically, the descriptive and estimated quotes of the contracts, as well as the accounts on their execution;
  • draft, conclude and sign contracts for which the threshold falls within its competence;
  • Conclude and sign contracts for which the threshold falls within its competence;
  • sign the letters of order and approve the execution of contracts;
  • organize and proceed with the reception of works, goods and services and control the execution of the public service by the delegated authority.


The directorate general of regional planning and prospection shall be managed and run by a director general. In addition to the management secretariat and the IT support service, it shall comprise:

  • The directorate of space strategy and policy; 
  • The directorate of city policies and village structures;
  • The directorate of regional prospection;
  • The directorate of geomatics and mapping;
  • The directorate of administrative and financial affairs.
  • the departmental directorates.

N B: Specifically, the directorates under supervision perform the tasks assigned to them. 

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